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Axiom Commerce specialize in finding the most elite talent in your marketplace — that’s what sets us apart from everyone else. 

 We work with you to target, engage, and qualify the right people to help you successfully carry out your plans and effectively manage your company processes. Our proven approach allows us to go beyond the expectations you have for your next hire and find the candidate who best fits the role and your company culture.   

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Choose the best hiring or consulting option for you

Temporary / Part-Time

Temporary / Part-Time

Temporary / Part-Time


On-demand access to highly skilled professionals.

We identify candidates that have the skills and experience to meet your needs and fit your team.

Gain the flexibility to staff up or down quickly and cost-effectively.


Temporary / Part-Time

Temporary / Part-Time


Need to quickly staff an open role that could turn into a full-time position?

Hire for the short-term with potential to convert to full-time.

Evaluate performance and fit with an on-the-job trial.


Temporary / Part-Time


Full Time

Find the right person for your team, right away.

Hiring is hard. So let us handle it for you. Axiom Commerce recruiters can cut the time it takes to staff your role and ensure you bring the right person on board. 

Why choose us?


Axiom Commerce offers clients a multi-dimensional value proposition that provides a broad range of economic, strategic, operational, technology and human resources benefits. All of these benefits support the vision to transform current talent acquisition approach from a tactical, reactive to a proactive talent community building effort with higher human touch applied at all steps of the talent engagement processes, with the ultimate goal of providing the best talent at faster speed and affordable costs to customers. 

Our staffing process

Our Staffing Process helps in getting right people for the right job at right time.

 Customer Requirements

  • Customer surveying aims to obtain all relevant information from the client;
  • What kind of business are we dealing with? Which tools are used? Which technology stacks are used?  Which Location? What is the Duration? What kind of work Authorization required?
  • Equally important is to gain insight into possible personal characteristics the client is looking for. 

Resource Identification

  • Identify which sourcing methods to employ to identify passive candidates and additional talent pools.
  • Design a Sourcing Plan that outlines the process for exhausting all avenues of sourcing for client requirements.
  • Develop and communicate Axiom Commerce Employee Referral Program (ERP) to potential candidate(s).

Resource Qualification

  • Develop a client hiring profile to ensure candidate(s) meet predetermined criteria.
  • Perform telephone interview to pre-screen candidate(s) for Technical and communication skills.
  • Verify candidate(s) work authorization status. 
  • Confirm prior salary or hourly rate and compensation with candidate(s).

HR Qualification

  • Conduct Background Checks (i.e. Employment History, Credit; Criminal; and Drug Screening).
  • Capture references from candidate(s).
  • Develop comprehensive reference check questions to extract information from candidate(s) and to ensure what's being asked matches client needs.

Customer Approval

  • Qualify only those candidate(s) who meet the necessary skills requirements.
  • Conduct competency assessment on candidate(s) to ensure they are accurately qualified.
  • Perform telephone interview or face-to-face interview whenever possible to screen candidate(s) for behavioral and communication skills.

Signing Of Contract

  • Client hiring manager presents approved candidate choice(s) along with Contract & SOW to Axiom Commerce Account Manager.
  • Axiom Commerce Account Manager extends offer & Contract to candidate(s).
  • Candidate is hired and engagement begins.

Staffing Process

Technical talent to match your needs

Application Developers

API Gateway (Apigee, Azure APIM & MuleSoft)

Big Data Engineers

Business Change Manager

Business Development Manager

Cloud-based Engineers

Configuration Managers

Cyber Security Analysts

Data Science

Database Administrators

Datawarehouse Engineers

Design Engineers

Desktop Support

DevOps Engineer

eCommerce Engineers (ATG - ENDECA, Salesforce, Hybris & Magento)

Electrical Engineers

Enterprise Architecture (Oracle EBS)

Graphic Designers

Hardware Engineer

Help Desk

Information Assurance

Information Security Engineers

Manufacturing Engineers

Materials Managers

Mechanical Engineers

Microsoft Technologies

Microservices (API's) 

Network Administrators

Network Architects

Network/System Engineers

Open-source technologies

Operations Managers

Oracle Applications

Programmer Analytic

Product Managers

Programmer Analytics

Program Managers

Project Managers

QA Managers

QA Testers

Release Engineers

Reliability Engineers

SANs/NAS Storage Engineers

SAP Engineers

Search Engineers (Endeca, Solr, Fusion, GroupBy & Elasticsearch)

Supplier Quality Engineers

Technical Writers

Tooling Managers

Training and Operations Support

UI/UX Designers

UNIX/Solaris Engineers

Windows System Engineers

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